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Antiviral Disinfectant Fogging Service Edinburgh

Antiviral Disinfectant Fogging Service For Edinburgh

However through a physical clean maybe it is extremely difficult to reach everywhere to ensure that it is COVID safe. QCS offer a virus disinfectant fogging service carrying out a precautionary deep clean to allow occupancy 20 minutes after the decontamination is complete. The disinfectant is distributed throughout the room to sanitise carpets, upholstery and hard standing tables.

How does the antiviral disinfecant fogging work?

We use a fogger machine to generate extremely small droplets of disinfectant fog or mist to sanitise whole rooms and vehicles. The disinfectant reaches every surface with a antiviral disinfectant solutions that has been tested in the UK to be protective against the COVID-19 virus and will continue to sanitise for up to 80 hours afterwards and protects for up to 30 days.

Regular Disinfection for businesses in Edinburgh

We recommend a weekly antiviral disinfection fogging for in your work place, work area, toilet, cafe, restaurant etc. A regular disinfection will put your customers and staff minds at ease.

Disinfectant Fogging for COVID-19 cornavirus in Edinburgh and Livingston

Watch our specialist antiviral disinfection fogging services introductory videos.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection Fogging?

We use an electrostatic technology which incorporates an electrical charge into a liquid disinfectant solution. These droplets become positively charged, enabling the disinfectant to stick to any type of surface. This includes desks and work surfaces, computers, tablets and electrical equipment, furinture such as chairs, as well as door handles etc.

Please note that all disinfection santiser fogging services undertaken by QCS are planned and implemented using risk assessments and method statements prior to undertaking works.

Disinfection Fogging throughout Edinburgh

Do you have areas that need virocidal sanitising?

Request a quotation for our electrostatic disinfection & sanitiser fogging services by calling 07970 114713 or complete our online form.

We can provide our disinfectant fogging services in and around Edinburgh for example in Musselburgh, Leith, Haymarket, Waverley, St Leonards, Marchmont, Morningside, Newington, Sciennes, the Grange and Blackford.

We work with businesses throughout Edinburgh but also the central belt of Scotland including Glasgow. Please get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote.